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NYC Summer Invitational Group Show


August 2017, George Billis Gallery, Chelsea, NY

NYC Summer Invitational Group Show


August 2016, George Billis Gallery, Chelsea, NY




Coco Masuda | New York Landscape 


May 2016

ISETAN Tokyo, Main Building 5F, Central Park, The Stage





My Personal New York

A Solo Show celebrating the 30th year after arriving in America


May 2009

Space Yui, Tokyo


In the fall of 2008, after having worked as an illustrator for almost two decades, I decided to challenge myself to paint, and to have a solo show in Tokyo at the end of the following year. It was my typical way of pushing myself creatively.


What interested me was the stories of people and places around me: faces of children; New York cityscapes; places I have memories of.  An essay in Japanese accompanied each painting at the show.


After the show, I became a painter.


As an illustrator, my work is highly stylized and often conceptual. Though I occasionally use references, my figures and places are mostly imagined.


As a painter, I paint simply without manipulations. Even though the work still has graphic quality of my illustration work, I have a distinct sense that the brushes are leading me to more realistic way of painting.